Embedded Finance Report

Embedded Finance is no longer a distant point on the horizon, but a reality.

Download a detailed global report on the players already embedding financial services into every aspect of their businesses.

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Why you should read this white paper

It has now become possible for companies outside the Financial Services sector to embed every financial service product currently imaginable. This trend is now a reality, and rather an opportunity, it may become an imperative as a customer retention strategy.

So who are the players already putting this tactic into effect? And what trends can be observed from them? In this report we have answered these questions and many more.

About Elsewhen

Since its inception in 2011, Elsewhen has strived to provide a different approach to digital consultancy.

One built on principles of respect - for our people, our clients and our work; and on agility - to move seamlessly from strategy to implementation, delivering value early and often.

What you'll learn

In the guide we’ve broken down the strategies around the globe that are working, and those that aren’t. You’ll emerge with the beginning of an understanding of where the opportunities could lie for your organisation:

  • An overview of the current state of play
  • Actionable insights on sector and geography
  • A side-by-side comparison of all of the players
  • A breakdown of the different Asian players
  • The European players
  • The US players
  • Strategic insights on how you can take advantage
Embedded Finance Report

Embedded Finance is no longer a distant point on the horizon, but a reality.