Three ways to help you deliver impact for your organisation

We have three distinct service offerings to help leaders harness a cutting edge approach to design and technology. Here’s what each of them could mean for your business.

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Digital strategy

Strategic thinking frequently suffers when it is siloed from the resulting technical implementation. That’s why our digital strategy consultants work on the strategy, customer experience and technology workstreams in unison, drawing on deep experience to do so.

On a digital strategy engagement, you’ll uncover the why, what and how of your opportunity for transformation or innovation, while building consensus and understanding from stakeholders along the way. You’ll connect your customers’ needs to the most pressing business goals, combining both into an action-oriented business case.

With our experts' help, you can bring your vision to life with a clear roadmap to launch.

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  • What is a digital strategy
  • What are the types of digital strategy
  • What is an example of a digital strategy
  • What does a digital strategy consultant actually do
  • What is digital strategy consulting versus management consulting
  • How can digital strategy services remove internal productivity blockers
  • How can digital strategy consulting unlock the hidden value of data
  • How can digital strategy consulting help address legacy technology
  • How can a digital strategy partner clarify on whether to build vs buy
  • Why is digital strategy consulting so important when bringing a new offering to market

Explore how your organisation can develop and implement a digital strategy.

  • Value proposition
  • Service design
  • Product architecture
  • Customer insights
  • Jobs To Be Done
  • Technical solution architecture
  • Data modelling
  • MVP specification
  • Roadmap
  • Prototype design
  • Design for key customer journeys
  • Lean brand
  • Research

Product Design

When seeking an independent viewpoint or outside help to turbocharge execution, it can be difficult to find a partner that can really bring about radical change.

On an engagement with an Elsewhen project team, you would work with some of the best and most experienced design and engineering talent in London. You’ll get a fresh and independent perspective into your challenge, and will experience just how quickly value can result when it’s delivered by experts working effectively and efficiently.

Whether picking up the reins on a specific aspect of an ongoing project, or delivering end-to-end, our highly experienced product managers, designers and engineers can unlock and elevate a project.

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  • What is a digital product design consultant
  • What does a digital product design agency do
  • What is the role of a digital product designer
  • What is an example of digital product design consulting
  • What are the types of digital product design consulting
  • Why is digital product design consulting important
  • How can digital product consulting improve design-engineering handoffs
  • How can product design consulting help to deliver better digital products and services
  • What are the latest digital product design methodologies
  • What are the latest digital product design technologies

Find out how digital product designers can deliver outstanding experiences for your organisation’s customers and employees.

  • Product design
  • Research
  • React engineering
  • Angular engineering
  • Swift engineering
  • Kotlin engineering
  • Python engineering
  • Node engineering
  • API design
  • Cloud infrastructure architecture (GCP, AWS)
  • Data ingestion and distribution pipeline design
  • Data modelling

Digital Transformation

The expectations of today’s customers are much higher than ever before. And that goes for B2B and enterprise employees and customers alike. They expect high quality, delightful customer experiences from both internal and external tools.

Traditionally in digital transformation programmes, the customer experience tends to suffer because strategic design agencies don’t understand engineering and solution integrators can’t design.

We bring the two together into a cohesive whole where it matters most—at the customer experience layer. We ensure that your customer needs are met, helping you avoid outcomes which only prioritise processes, or are hamstrung by the complexity of the core implementation.

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  • What does digital transformation really mean
  • What is the purpose of digital transformation
  • What are the main areas of digital transformation
  • What is digital transformation consulting
  • What is an example of digital transformation consulting
  • What are the common pitfalls of digital transformation consulting
  • What is the role of design and engineering in digital transformation
  • Why is a customer-centric view important in digital transformation
  • How can digital transformation services deliver best-in-class enterprise CX
  • Why should digital transformation services be delivered in an Agile context

Discover how digital transformation can make your organisation more profitable, productive and customer-centric.

  • Customer insights
  • Service design
  • Customer journey design
  • Experience API design
  • Experience API build
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Front end build

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