Watch: Understanding the new fintech reality

Gilad G. Amir

In this short introduction, Gilad G. Amir, former Head of Fintech at Lloyds, and current EIR at Pollen Street Capital, establishes the themes of our conversation on the current state of digital banking and fintech.


The only constant is change. Banks need to evolve.

Change is inevitable.

And if you think of Open Banking, fintechs and I would even dare say Blockchain, I don't think it's very hard to imagine how a new proposition that will allow consumers to access decentralised mortgages will take off.

Banks used to run their business in a certain way. And now that they're facing a very new reality: the world is moving much faster. Customers are the centre and banks now struggle to say 'No'—they will find it increasingly hard to reject customers.

So it's a very, very different world than the relatively static and safe world they used to live in until not so long ago. Those banks, those financial institutions that will be able to transform their DNA and their culture and also build those muscles - those digital muscles will win. It is simply training the workforce to understand data, to understand digital, to understand that the only constant is change.

Those that won't adjust will die or consolidate, which is not much of an alternative.

Gilad G. Amir is currently EIR at Pollen Street Capital. He is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a long history of working in the financial services industry. As an entrepreneur he is skilled in Fintech, M&A, alternative credit, risk and technology.

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