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Unlocking growth with a B2B digital experience


Global satellite communications business Inmarsat is a leading provider of data connectivity to maritime, aviation and other industries. Recently, Inmarsat wanted to replace its legacy customer ordering and provisioning system. Their old user journey did not reflect today’s changing needs. Inmarsat wanted to shift its focus to enabling what the customer wants to achieve.

Elsewhen worked as Inmarsat’s strategic design and engineering partner on the project to redesign the entire customer journey that sits on top of Inmarsat’s services. The aim was to create a new consumer-grade digital experience across the entire end-to-end B2B customer lifecycle.

  • Designing and building a new customer lifecycle self-service portal to replace a legacy ordering and provisioning system.
  • Transforming the B2B digital experience with a modern self-service provisioning platform and improving customer satisfaction at scale.

The challenge
Delivering a consumer-grade B2B experience

Our services
  • Service design
  • Product architecture
  • Product design
  • Angular engineering
  • API design

Inmarsat knew they had to make a major business transformation – and provide a digital experience that would put their customer first.

Customers value and depend on Inmarsat’s advanced products and services – but they were less satisfied with the legacy manual customer service processes. They encountered a disconnected, disjointed experience when ordering services, requiring a mix of online channels, email and call centre support.

Inmarsat’s customers wanted to understand clearly what each of the services are, submit and track their orders, and provision services easily – and all of this with a responsive, intuitive, consumer-grade digital experience.

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Our strategic approach
Bringing an agile approach to refining the B2B digital experience

Inmarsat chose Elsewhen as its digital product consultancy and transformation partner. We worked directly with Inmarsat’s project leads, as a key part of the program board to drive the transformation – and collaborated closely with Inmarsat’s existing systems integrators and PMO partner.

Elsewhen enabled a shift from a standard technology process-focused environment to a modern customer-centric lens. We helped Inmarsat embrace an iterative design approach, placing the customer point-of-view at the heart of the project.

Our strategic approach was to bring new modern design, agility and ways of working that would enable transformation. We needed to provide a user experience matching the best consumer-grade apps – in combination with B2B enterprise-grade security, scalability, reliability, redundancy, transparency and flexibility.

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Our solution
Providing a consumer-grade experience with enterprise scalability

We helped Inmarsat’s B2B customers enjoy a consumer-grade digital experience

Elsewhen owned the entire customer-facing work stream, maintaining an accelerated pace using iterative sprints for design, build, testing and deployment. We integrated our team to work directly with Inmarsat’s people.

Our designers delivered the end-to-end customer journey lifecycle in an attractive, simple and highly responsive UI, providing a consumer-grade digital experience. We implemented a design system enabling iteration at speed and scale. This empowered the team to quickly refine the customer journey as we received feedback from user testing.

Elsewhen also helped Inmarsat create a new application programming interface (API) for customers to securely connect their own systems to the provider for seamless ordering and provisioning of services.

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The outcomes
Transforming the digital experience and enabling revenue growth

Inmarsat estimates their new platform has generated millions in cost savings

Inmarsat’s new provisioning platform has removed a barrier to future revenue streams. Not only is it much simpler for customers to interact with – it is also much easier for Inmarsat to operate, and for its own staff to work with.

Order volumes, processing capability and customer self-service have increased and customer experience is significantly improved. Customers can now buy and provision connectivity in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Inmarsat estimates the digital transformation has already generated multi-million-pound savings in operating expenses – and radically improved both employee and customer experiences.


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