Say hello to better bedtimes

The brief

Creating a sleep companion app that helps everyone get a good night’s rest.

BleepBleeps is a family of connected products aimed at making parents lives easier with smart design and technology. We worked with the team on SuzySnooze – a baby monitor, sleep soother and smart night light all in one.

The product helps parents monitor their baby and adjust settings remotely without disturbing their children’s sleep. By using the latest technology parents are able to follow their child’s sleep routine, detect crying, sooth with music or voice and activate or deactivate the nightlight, wherever they are.

The challenges

Bridging physical and digital

There are many fundamental differences when creating digital or physical products. For one, industrial design follows a ridgid waterfall process. Key decisions on components and connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth, Wifi) need to be made early and changing course later can be costly. Whereas software is inherently agile and iterative. Our biggest challenge was bringing these two worlds together to create a seamless and consistent customer experience.

From firmware to software to hardware, our teams had to integrate processes to accommodate, learn and adapt together. This ability to align multiple disciplines around a unified process was critical to the success of the project.

Our approach

Many creative minds with a one team mentality.

We invited the bleep bleeps team into our offices, setting up a camp for software and the hardware technology teams. We spent time with parents throughout the project to understand their needs as time progressed. The benefit of working closely with users and the hardware team was to bring the tactile experience to the app as well as all the settings and controls.

Beautiful and smart

We knew that we needed to create a product that engaged children and parents, and was not just beautiful, but smart.

We designed the app to perfectly reflect the functions of the physical product – drag down on the digital Suzy and her physical counterpart mirrors the command. Twist the physical Suzy and the digital Suzy updates in real-time to match. This level of integration, consistency and polish was only possible through deep and continuous collaboration.

Perfect addition to our routine... creates a tranquil atmosphere in the kids room, they’re settled and asleep in no time at all!

Happy Suzy Snooze costumer

The outcomes

Awarded Core77’s best Consumer Product; Icon Magazine’s front cover; write ups in Fast company, Creative Review and T3 amongst others.

  • £50,000Kickstarter goal hit in 48 hours
  • 7 weekDesigned and built