Narrowing the gap between digital strategy & implementation

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Successful organisations today understand that having an effective digital strategy is vital. But how do you narrow the gap between digital strategy and implementation? 

Digital leaders love creating compelling visions for their products. But, too often, the vision remains just an impressive presentation deck—and is never brought into reality.

In this guide, we address the importance of building an action- oriented digital strategy—one that can actually be executed in practice. We discuss the different pulls and pushes, recognise their obstacles and consider how to overcome them.

Should a business prioritise action over planning? What is the role of the customer and technology? What are the latest trends that just can’t be ignored? We also explore how working with a digital strategy consultancy can help you move your digital plans forward from vision to reality. 

Your digital strategy defines your approach for applying digital technologies to your business models, infrastructure and processes—to enable new advantageous business capabilities.

But there is more than one type of digital strategy. The strategy type you choose will largely be determined by the current status of your technology evolution—and by your main objectives for technological change. Three typical types of digital strategy focus are:

The focus of your digital strategy may be on just one of these, but many strategies will encompass all of these to a varying degree.


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