Business Impact of Design

Unlock the full potential of your design teams

Discover the practices, processes, and roles that have emerged to help designers, design teams and design leaders have much greater impact.

Elsewhen are a digital product consultancy defining, prototyping and launching digital solutions for clients like

MasterCard, Google and Citi

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Business Impact of Design

Why you should read this white paper

The pandemic super charged a shift to remote working and distributed teams. Companies all over the world were forced to digitise large parts of their business processes almost overnight. These changes are expediting the process of digital transformation for businesses, including how they think about and value design.

More than at any time in its history, design has a voice at the very top table, but that voice will only grow if design continues to pick up its side of the bargain, i.e. contributes meaningfully and measurable to the core goals of the business.

Business Impact of Design

About Elsewhen

Since its inception in 2011, Elsewhen has strived to provide a different approach to digital consultancy.

One built on principles of respect - for our people, our clients and our work; and on agility - to move seamlessly from strategy to implementation, delivering value early and often.

Business Impact of Design

Elsewhen's work demonstrates their culture and ethos, the end product is the best it can be now and long term.

Chris Glynne, CIO, Group M

It was a really positive experience working with Elsewhen on this really major initiative, from the collaboration, through to the ideas for improvements. The outcome of the project was very strong.

Luke Broome, Senior Director, IT Strategy, Data and Automation, Inmarsat

Elsewhen were uniquely able to assist us in creating a compelling product end-to-end. They excel in harnessing technology to make distinctive propositions possible.

Santiago Matheus, Chief Product Officer, Founders Bank

Understanding our business quickly and translating that into strategy was impressive. But seeing Frame realised, and taken to market in 6 months was something else.

Stuart Senior, Director, Gleeds

Elsewhen have delivered a stunning piece of design and technology, in a very short amount of time. Their blend of tech and creativity makes innovation feel frictionless.

Romain Perrier, Product Lead, Google

Elsewhen produced a phenomenally impressive piece of work in such a short amount of time.

Vicky Wills, CTO, Zego

Elsewhen quickly understood the brief based on their hands-on experience, and located the underlying core business challenges through their own research. From there they built out strategic recommendations, kicked off implementation and gave us the keys to bring about long-term transformation in the business.

Rich Cole, Vice President, Strategy & Enablement, Mastercard

What you'll learn

The guide is an actionable, detailed explanation of how and why to measure design productivity. it breaks down the role of people and culture, tooling, accessibility, focus, automation, as well as the goals and responsibilities in pursuing design productivity and DesignOps.

  • The design workflow in 2021
  • How and where to begin
  • The pillars of DesignOps
  • Goals and Responsibilities
  • Making the Business Case
  • How to run designOps at different scales
Business Impact of Design

Unlock the full potentials of your design teams.

Discover the practices, processes, and roles that have emerged to help designers, design teams and design leaders have much.