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Elevating satellite services with a new digital platform


Inmarsat, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, collaborated with Elsewhen to develop Invison, a pioneering digital platform enhancing connectivity for maritime, aviation, and government sectors. They have partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a new digital platform enabling customers to plan, procure, manage and monitor their satcom services. 

Elsewhen was brought in to design the user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and user journeys to ensure a world-class customer experience for Inmarsat and the ESA’s new digital platform.

  • Developed a user interface and experience that simplifies the management of complex services.
  • Enhanced engineering workflows for greater efficiency.

The challenge
Decentralised processes and platforms

  • Design for key customer journeys
  • Digital product design
  • UX and UI design
  • Prototype design
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • User testing

Inmarsat faced the challenge of streamlining the traditionally labor-intensive process of procuring satcom services. The solution was Invison, a centralised digital platform developed to address the needs of government customers and service providers, offering a more efficient, all-in-one service access point.

Invision will offer a range of secure services from Inmarsat and other satellite service suppliers, via a single, unique portal. It will enable customers to order products and services, track usage, and receive a single bill – while also empowering them to manage, control and monitor the performance of their products and services.

While Inmarsat is developing the core platform functionality in-house, they turned to Elsewhen for world-class expertise in UI and UX design.

Invison Challenge
Invison Challenge

Strategic approach
Design clarity and quality for critical missions

Inmarsat recognised that Elsewhen’s digital product management expertise would be vital in helping deliver such a major project. This helped the team engage with key stakeholders and manage timelines, as well as aligning design, engineering and business needs.

The team collaborated closely to distil a long list of possible functionality down to a minimum viable product (MVP) to focus on. 

Inmarsat and Elsewhen identified the key value-streams, enabling the team to map out and design specific customer journeys for the platform.

Invison Strategic Approach
Invision Solution Mobile
Invison Solution

The solution
Making it quick and simple to deploy global connectivity services

The platform design will help accelerate provision of emergency communications

The solution crafted by Elsewhen was a clear, user-centric design, enhancing the platform's ability to swiftly deploy multi-product packages. This was particularly essential for managing complex scenarios, like emergency communications, ensuring a quick and effective response during critical situations.

Inmarsat’s engineers were equipped with easy-to-implement designs and journey boards using Figma and Figjam, as well as incorporating Jira tickets to capture all requirements.

Invison Solution

The outcomes
Building a design foundation for future platform improvements

The work delivered everything needed for world-class design implementation

The new platform has equipped Inmarsat with the functional design prototypes and materials to bring clarity to the procurement and management of complex services.

The project has expanded Inmarsat’s digital design system with a range of new elements and components to make future evolution of the platform more methodical and consistent.

Inmarsat is now empowered with an MVP platform using best-in-class UI and UX design to provision their products and services – and ready to onboard customers and partners as part of a growing ecosystem in future.

Invison Solution
Invison Solution

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